Hep Cats In Kenya

It's tempting to try to categorize different countries in Africa by the wildlife that might be found there. Of course that would be horribly misleading because obviously any country is much more than its wildlife, and the wildlife itself is much more diverse than any given label. So, I will tell you here and now that Kenya is all about big cats. Yes, I know you will see tons of other interesting animals there. Yes, the Kenyan people are lovely and fascinating and yes, if you go to Kenya for almost any other reason, you will not be disappointed. But... cats. Lions, leopards, cheetahs. All in the same place. Sometimes in the exact same place. The game drives in and around the Maasai Mara are primarily focused on seeing big cats, and its not unusual to see all three in the same day, occasionally on the same drive. So, Kenya = Big Cats. Yep, I'm comfortable with that. These photos were taken on my latest trip to Kenya this past April, where I saw a lot of stuff. But mostly big cats.

Leopard on watch.
Cheetah, early morning.
Young lion playing in a tree.
Leopard silhouette.
Cheetah mother and cub.
Leopard shaking off her nap.