Size Isn’t Everything… But It’s A Lot Of Things

I recently returned from Mexico where I spent some time swimming with the largest fish in the world. Well, I was swimming with some of the largest fish in the world. I mean as a species, the whale shark is considered the largest fish in the world. I don’t think the actual largest whale shark was in attendance, but the ones that were were pretty impressive. Normally whale sharks are kind of tough to find in spite of their size. I’ve been diving for 25 years and have never seen one. But off the coast of Cancun in the summer they congregate to feed on fish eggs and plankton, and it’s one of the largest whale shark turn-outs on the planet. There have been years when hundreds show up. This year on our best day we had around 70 or 80. That’s a lot. The smallest of them was maybe 15 feet long, with several easily measuring over 28 feet. They’re wide too. Did I mention that they’re big? Yeah, good. Because they are.