The Giraffe Series

A series just for giraffes? Yep, you bet. Why did I decide to start my print sales with a special series on giraffes? A couple of years ago in Tanzania I had one of those wildlife encounters that sort of reaffirmed why I want to be a nature photographer. For two hours leading up to sunset on a beautiful grass plain, I was in the middle of a large journey of giraffes. Did you know that a large group of giraffes is called a "journey"? Well there ya go, you're welcome. Anyway, in this journey was a large contingent of adolescent males, and when there are adolescent males there is usually going to be fighting called "necking" - where they pair off and swing their necks and bodies at each other in a show of dominance. It can be very violent, and occasionally lethal but as they tired out they took on an almost balletic quality that was kind of beautiful. So, the short answer is that I chose these photos because of all of the encounters I've had, this one rates among the most memorable. There are 5 photos I chose for this series, all will be printed in limited editions of 50 at a discount of $100.00 per print. You can order here: print purchasing

Double Header
Leaning In
Stand Off