Temple Town

If you happen to be a Buddhist temple freak (and I don't know how that happens to a person), Bagan Myanmar is the only place you ever need to go. In an area of only about 16 square miles, Bagan has over 2200 temples that were built between the 11th and 13th centuries. From what I've read, there used to be about 10,000 of them, most of which which have turned to ruins. I'm not much of a temple person, but I do like history and old stuff, and Bagan is full of both. It used to be the capital of Myanmar back in the 9th through 13th centuries until repeated Mongol invasions pretty much cleared the place out. For several hundred years after that locals considered it haunted and never went back. Now it's a pretty big tourist destination. As has happened a lot in Myanmar, the government forcibly moved all of the residents of Bagan a few miles away in 1998 to form "New Bagan", leaving "Old Bagan" as mostly just the temples. Take a look:

Old Bagan as seen from across the Irrawaddy river. Each little spire you see sticking up is another temple.
Old Bagan temples
Dhammayazika Pagoda
Bagan at sunset.
More temples