In a previous post I wrote about all of the big cats I recently spent time with in Kenya. Since it was the dry season and a lot of the cats were easier to find out in the open, I got to see just how well camouflaged the cats are. It's important not only for their safety, but for their success as hunters. Their color patterns, movement, and choice of territory all help to keep them pretty inconspicuous even while walking or hanging out in the open. Being up a bit higher in a safari vehicle, we had a little advantage in spotting them (that and great experienced guides), but closer to the ground they are very hard to see especially while sleeping or stalking prey. Here's a little sample:

Leopard in a river bed.
Ready to attack
Leopard hiding in the bushes.
Playing Where's Waldo - can you see the cheetah?
Blending right in
Lion color match
Lion taking cover in the grass