Well, I'm back. Fresh off the bus from Africa. This time I visited Kenya & Tanzania. If you watch any of the nature documentary channels like Discovery or Nat Geo, you may have seen that there is an abundance of big cats living in these countries. I say "abundance" which I should qualify; most of the cat populations are well below what they used to be and are constantly threatened by poaching and illegal hunting. But in spite of these ongoing problems, these are still great places to see them. There were several days in Kenya when we saw lions, leopards and cheetahs on just the morning drive. We saw them hunting, eating, sleeping, playing, hiding.... well you get the idea. I think we had some great sightings, but my friend & great photographer Andy Biggs says you really know you have something when you see all 3 together... I'm not holding my breath. Here's a sample of what I saw:

A leopard tracking prey.
The muscularity of this lion was amazing.
The chase is on.
Dinner time
Leopard portrait
A cheetah's lazy afternoon
Always carefully watching even while drinking
Three of us, four of them... what do you think?