It had been a couple of years since I'd been up to Death Valley. It's one of my favorite places, and I have no excuse for not going there more often since I live relatively close. It's a really interesting place to check out. You can be standing on the lowest, hottest place in North America while looking at snow capped mountains. This was a special time time to go, during what is being called the "superbloom". Because we're finally getting some water this year from El Niño, the desert flowers are having an epic blooming season. Long dormant seeds are finally getting their chance, and it's a great sight. When I was there, there were thousands of yellow desert sunflowers blooming on the hillsides. Pretty great to see fields of blooming flowers in the driest place on earth. Of course epic fields of flowers also mean epic crowds of flower lovers, leaving no place to stay for miles around. But that's a story for another time. Here are some of the highlights: