Other Stuff

When you mention Africa, what comes to mind for most folks is the "big five"- elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards & rhinos. And when you go on safari, those are in fact usually the main attractions. But when I'm between trips (most of the time!) and going through my photos, I'm always struck by how much other stuff I've photographed. Yes, on slow days you find yourself "settling" for getting images of birds or antelope, but a lot of times I'm seeking out the "other stuff" after filling up a memory card with cats or elephants. There's plenty of stuff to pick from. From bugs and lizards, to crocs and warthogs. You also learn a lot by checking them out. And you often you end up up finding one of the big five by watching the behavior of stuff that is afraid of them... which is most everything else. Here are some images I picked of some "other stuff" from the last few years. ( you can click on the images to pause or advance, or swipe if you're on a mobile device)