Well, I went back. I went back to Komodo for almost the exact same dive trip as last year. I got it in my head that I hadn't taken the dragon photo that I wanted. I started obsessing about how to do a better job of it than last year, and how, if conditions were right, I could get the shot of a lifetime. The part I forgot? Never bet on nature cooperating with any plans you make, especially in nature photography. So the day I showed up at the "dragon beach" on Rinca Island where I photographed the dragons last year, it was drizzly and overcast. The water was stirred up and not a little bit of trash had washed into the shallow water. Not great. The good news is that when nothing is as expected, you're going to end up with photos you hadn't expected. The first one in this series is a perfect example. I couldn't have thought that one up if I had a year to think about it... and I did. Thanks to my friend and guide Foued for keeping me alive while trying to shoot these images. More on the diving below the dragon pix.

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The diving in and around Komodo National Park was as great as I expected. This time of year isn't known as the best, as the currents are different and the visibility isn't as good as it can be. That said, I had a great experience. A few sites had some of the strongest currents I've dived in, and made for wild dives covering ridiculous distances riding the currents. (it's futile to fight some of them & sometimes just as futile to try to photograph anything) We also saw more mantas at couple of the sites than I've seen anywhere. At one site we lost count after 26 or so. Here are some highlights from the 10 days of diving.

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