Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

That's right the cubs win. I went to Alaska at the end of August to get a look at the grizzlies feasting on the the silver salmon run, and it ended up being all about the cubs. I had been to Lake Clark National Park before, earlier in summer when no salmon were really around, and got to see... mostly cubs playing with their moms. So during the salmon run I expected mostly adult bears feeding. Instead, every day a mother grizzly and her three cubs caught the outgoing tide to do some fishing. These were spring cubs, but actually quite big for their age ( approx 6-7 months). They had obviously been taking advantage of an exceptional salmon season. They put on a great show, learning how to fish, playing "keep away", and best of all - (literally) standing up against the onslaught of seagulls trying to steal their catch. There were a few grown-ups around, and I'll talk about them in the next post but for now, take a look at the kids.                                                                (you can click on the photos to start & stop the slideshow)